Hello, I'm Louise, I live in Denmark and I'm 23. This is where I flail about video games, books, and tv shows. Current favourites include Doctor Who, Ace Attorney, and Castle.

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:( is it because you like the shoe less or because of the fandom?

I think it’s because I’m not as hyped about the show anymore and everybody else is. It’s like it was with Sherlock a while back - I pretty much refused to watch it until the hype had died down some :P It’s also because when I did those palette challenges, more than half were Who requests and I feel like I’ve done pretty much all Who characters waaay too many times. I want to do other stuff and it made me a bit bitter towards the show. Plus the official Who tumblr has just been driving me bonkers with pictures from that world tour.

Who still has a very special spot in my heart, but yeah, I guess you could say the fandom is starting to get to me. But mostly the over hype or all the ‘Capaldi is nice but Moffat will probably end the world anyway’ type posts. They’re becoming childish.

I’ll try and make sure I tag it for you then :)

Aaw, thank you :) <3 It’s okay, though. Unless it gets very bad, I won’t Tumblr Saviour it, and I’ll make it show your posts in any case ‘cause it’s you :) I’ve cut down my followed blogs considerably, so that should help some :)

There, I unfollowed the official Who Tumblr. Maybe I should unfollow some other blogs, too… I’m just pretty tired of seeing Who on my dash constantly, and even though I still love the show I am not at all excited about the series premiere… I will watch because I’m afraid of spoilers, but eh… yeah, not because I’m particularly into Who lately…