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I need some help here. For my exam project I’m going to focus on Penelope (as in Odysseus’ wife) and I need to know if you know of any modern/renaissance + later depictions of her? Plays, books, movies, paintings, anything? I’ve already found a book on her by Margaret Atwood but I need moooore. So if you know of anything like that, please tell! :)

I really wish I could help, but I have approx. 0% knowledge on this subject. Can anyone else help out? :)

Well, we’ve had a film-showing in class before it was mainly about Odysseus, but Penelope was in the movie as well, dodging suitors while waiting for her hubby. It’s from 1997 so I don’t know how modern that will be for your tastes.

Thank you very much :) I’ll have a look at it for the project once I start. Now I have the syllabus done so I’m going to start finding pictures and movie clips and things - they might be useful.

theres a famous waterhouse painting called penelope and the suitors

Thanks! I’ll definitely have a look at it for my project :)