Hello, I'm Louise, I live in Denmark and I'm 23. This is where I flail about video games, books, and tv shows. Current favourites include Doctor Who, Ace Attorney, and Castle.

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yes yes, don’t be discouraged by critique - decide for yourself if the criticism is right and then use it as a springboard to always be better next time :)

I’ll try. Guess it would have been easier if the criticism had been constructive. It was more in the vein of ‘I’m not sure what I just read’. That could mean a bunch of things. But yeah, I’m pretty sure it was confusing…

You can do it! *shakes pom poms* You are already a much better writer than many people here and definitely in the general population so don’t give up! I have faith in you! :D

Thank you so much, friend <3 :) It’s so hard though! Wow, it’s like my brain has just shut down. I’m just writing and writing and writing now until it snaps out of it…

I don’t know if I like this book I just finished. The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. Most of the way through I didn’t and I was a bit confused but then I still think I want to read the sequel… A very confusing book. (I don’t really care much for the characters, that’s for sure).