Hello, I'm Louise, I live in Denmark and I'm 23. This is where I flail about video games, books, and tv shows. Current favourites include Doctor Who, Ace Attorney, and Castle.

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Doctor Who Challenge (non-hater) - Day 2: Favourite Companion.

All right, everyone - this is a really, really tough one, try and guess who my favourite Classic Who companion is. Come now, try, take a guess! You’ll never get it right - it’s not like 60 % percent of my art is of her and the Fourth Doctor or anything. It is, of course, Sarah Jane Smith. Not only an incredibly likeable character who has great chemistry with her Doctors, but also an astonishingly good actress portraying her. Also - gorgeous outfits. If you want me to love you forever, get me Sarah Jane’s wardrobe.

For New Who it’s Donna Noble. I know a lot of people really disliked her in the Runaway Bride but I really didn’t. I’ve always adored her. Her character arc is the most interesting and most well-written - not to mention there’s Catherine Tate’s stunning acting - from New Who (in my humble opinion at least) - she’s funny, sassy, and her and Ten work so well together. Perfect ginger is perfect.

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  7. sproid said: Donna is also one of my favourites from New Who, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t prepared to like her at all because I’m not a fan of some of Catherine Tate’s other work. That’ll teach me. I loved Donna, so strong and brave and such a great friend.
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